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Tasty and Easy Vegan Cake Ideas

Updated: Jan 13

It’s March now and so far we have a birthday party booked in every weekend this month.

Last Sunday was the first party, it was held in a massive play center full of climbing things, slides, things to swing from, trampolines and so much more! It was a jungle in there! The party itself was held in a "disco room" and the kids got popcorn, juice, sausages and ice cream with sprinkles to top it off. Luckily this place had options for vegans (YAY), my little one got a vegan sausage as well as oat ice cream topped with dark chocolate sauce and sprinkles. She was over the moon!

All this got me thinking about how we will celebrate for her upcoming birthday in July. She will be 5 and of course she will want to invite all of her cousins and friends from preschool, which means more than one cake. Last year we had her party at a smaller play center and I got to bring cake. By bring cake, I mean that I had to make three cakes. I had hoped to outsource and get a local vegan baker to do them but she was sadly already booked through the summer. There is not an abundance of vegan bakers or bakeries that do vegan cakes in Gothenburg, in fact I think I can count them on one hand. Outsourcing ruled out, I decided to look for inspiration online. My darling daughter had requested a pink cake, so my search commenced.

Cue this lovely vegan vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream recipe I found from Joscelyn at Wife Mama Foodie. The freeze dried strawberries added a nice pink tint and an extra yummy flavor to the frosting. Aside from omitting the fresh strawberries, I followed her recipe exactly and the end result didn't disappoint! The cake was rich and moist with a delicate flavor.

Sadly, I didn't have time to take proper pictures of these cakes before transporting them to the party place and just managed this quick snap before we cut into them. The two cakes on the right are made using the recipe from Wife Mama Foodie but the one the left has a different frosting made from oat whipped cream and crushed freeze dried strawberries. Some of the guests couldn't eat refined sugar (ALL THAT FROSTING), so I had to come up with a solution that still looked and tasted good.

All I can say is that both cakes were a hit with vegans and non vegans alike. Many guests were actually shocked that the cakes were vegan and made with unbleached flour! This cake was such a success that I will definitely consider making it for her birthday again this year.

Chocolate option? Look no further.

Two weeks after Juliette's birthday is Fletcher's. Back to that outsourcing thing, I already mentioned that the local vegan baker was booked up for the summer. So since we had just had a lot of vanilla cake around I wanted to go in a different direction for Fletcher's pirate themed 2nd birthday party. I found this really simple and great chocolate cake recipe that I used to make cupcakes. I gave them a test run and they were an instant success! So fluffy and light. Perfect! The only thing I subbed out was the white sugar. In it's place I used light muscovado sugar. For the frosting I made a chocolate ganache with coconut cream. It was light, smooth and just a little sweet. Vegan-what? These cupcakes didn't last long!

I don't know if I can wait until Fletcher's 3rd birthday to make these delightful treats again...

So if you have a birthday coming up or just want to treat yourself, you know where to look. Happy baking, friends!

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xx Asha

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