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Effortless Meal Planning — take two

I am working on getting organized, which includes doing some meal planning. I really hate meal planning. In times past I have planned ahead only to cook the meals and discover that the kids didn't like it. Fail.

Recently I have decided to get back on track with my meal planning. Especially since the amount of time used for planning outweighs the stress of coming up with meals on the spot. Scrambling for ingredients last minute -- when everyone is hungry -- is not a favorite.

I will make two new dishes and include other dishes that the kids are already familiar with. For example, I made a double batch of vegan mac and cheese yesterday. The leftovers are already portioned out and in the freezer.

I have been looking for inspiration this week for the two new meals and found two soup recipes from my Thug Kitchen recipe book. I am not exactly sure if the kids will eat these soups, but I am itching for some new flavors as we seem to repeat meals constantly. Juliette and Fletcher are not known to have very broad palates.

So this week we will be going for a mix of pasta dishes, soups, and some ready made things. My plan looks a bit like this:

Monday- pasta and a veggie marinara with chickpeas

Tuesday -lemon lentil soup via Thug Kitchen recipe book

Wednesday- vegan mac and cheese

Thursday- seitan sausages, buns and a salad

Friday- tortilla soup via Thug Kitchen recipe book

Saturday- falafel, rice, and steamed veg

I am planning to do double batches of the pasta and soups. I for one, am all for stocking the freezer for easy meals later on.

What are your favorite weekday meals?

Happy meal planning!

xx Asha

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