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The Best Cruelty-Free Cold Weather Essentials

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

I love my winter coat and shoes but enough is enough. Is anyone else ready for a wardrobe change? Winter is a time of Christmas, snow and the New Year. It's also a time of freezing temperatures and darkness, especially if you live in the Nordics as I do. It is the end of March and we are still hovering between 1 and 7 degrees Celsius. To my Pacific North Western heart, the weather feels really cold for this time of year. Family and friends in Oregon are already sporting their spring gear and I am ready to join them! However, it seems like Sweden is prepared to give us a cold beginning of spring, so I am going to share my favorite vegan-friendly cold-weather staples. This year I invested in a very warm and long coat from Elvine, according to their grading system for warmth this coat falls under "heavy winter jackets" if that tells you something. If you live where it gets cold and you haven't heard about Elvine, check them out! Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden this brand is all about functional wear instead of catwalk ready. That is something I can get behind. Since moving to Sweden in 2010 I have purchased dozens of winter coats that promise superior warmth. Sadly, I always felt cold regardless of how heavy the price tag was. After buying and subsequently selling said coats, this year I finally found a real winner.

Winter Coat

Naemi is the name of my beloved winter coat. It is soft and puffy, treated with the environmentally friendly water-repellent impregnation Bionic Finish® Eco and padded with Sorona Eco Down Touch, which is an amazing down imitation. I purchased it in the color bottle green, it is also offered in black. If you're like me and going for comfort and function, then this is the coat for you. I am usually cold all the time and this is the closest thing to a sleeping bag I can walk around in without looking ridiculous. Vegan or not, I can highly recommend this coat and Elvine as a quality brand. I should also note that the Naemi coat sold out FAST this winter! So keep your eyes peeled to be sure to snag one next season.

Winter Hat:

You can find my beanie in light grey on amazon.com. It's cozy, cute and cruelty-free. Check out this winter hat from MIRMARU.


Finding warm winter shoes in Sweden has also been an issue for me. I have struggled with cold feet every winter and have tried countless pairs of snow boots. Even before going vegan, whether it was shearling, wool, leather or what have you, my feet were cold. Sadly, this is still true. Gothenburg is notoriously windy, wet and cold during the winter like months which can span from October to April. Being as my feet are doomed to be cold when temperatures drop below freezing, I decided on some super cute cruelty-free boots from Pawj which is a family run business out of Southern California. I got the Red Fox in Chestnut style, they are comfortable and adorable. These boots are great quality, soft, warm and water-resistant.

Though I won't be taking these on a snowy hike or a splash in the puddles, they are fantastic everyday boots. Not to mention, a great alternative to something like UGGs. I have spent a lot of time researching before buying my gear. I don’t want to waste money supporting fast fashion. I have looked for products that are high quality, cruelty-free and sustainable when possible.

Lightweight Coat

While I was in the thick of researching, I did find that The North Face had some jackets made with ThermoBall™ insulation. I bought the ThermoBall Hoodie in black. It has the benefit of being very lightweight, water and wind-resistant. A great, dare I say, better alternative to a packable down jacket.

Honorable Mention

I also came across a brand that looked great but it was harder for me to get a hold of in Sweden. Save The Duck jackets seem fantastic, high quality and warm. It is a shame that I live so far away because I would have loved to try one on. I cannot personally recommend them but if you are in the market for a new jacket and live in a country that sells Save The Duck, give them a try. Let me know your thoughts if you do.

There are plenty of options for cruelty-free winter wear out there. I am excited to continue my search for the perfect, ultra-warm winter boot. If you have any suggestions, send them my way.

In the meantime, bring on spring!

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