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5 Must Haves For Air Travel With Kids

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

We just got back from a 3 week long trip to sunny Tenerife. Traveling with kids is no joke so one should always be prepared. From Gothenburg, Sweden to Tenerife was a 5.5 hour long flight. One must be prepared for the time spent at the airport to the flight, not to mention the time waiting for bags, rental cars etc.

1. snacks and water (plenty of)

2. favorite books

3. pillow/blankie

4. paper and crayons

5. ipad filled with educational games/favorite music

bonus- keep a baby or toddler carrier handy incase someone needs a nap or night sleep during that time of getting from A to B

During our previous flight I had lots of tiny and inexpensive things wrapped up for the kids to open during the flight. Did it work to keep the kids distracted, you might ask. No, it actually didn't. After spending less than a minute unwrapping each thing, they lots interest after about 4 minutes or less. I spent more time searching, buying, and wrapping the things by miles.

My advice, stick with the basics and add in an ipad or phone with some educational games or apps. keep those little hands busy with small snacks and doodling, limit the screen time when possible and just try to squeeze in a cat nap if the opportunity presents itself.

Good luck and happy traveling.

Leave a comment below sharing your favorite tips.

xx Asha

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